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Graphic Design Mugs

Mug graphics are printed on sublimation paper using specialty sublimation inks. The paper is wrapped around the mug and placed in an oven (or conveyor oven depending on where we fulfill it). Then the inks turn to gas and are absorbed into the polymer coating on the mug.

  • Printed with SubliJET HD ink
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Certified and safe to use by US and EU standards

Mug packaging

Individual mugs are packaged in boxes that keep the mug secure in the center of the box. Multiple mugs are covered in bubble wrap, placed in individual boxes, and then combined all together in one box. If it's a dozen mugs, they're placed in a box and separated with bubble wrap and dividers.

Individual Mugs Are Packaged In Boxes
Multiple Mugs Are Covered In Bubble Wrap

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