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We thought we would write up a list of things that make us smile because it would be easy, we mean how many people have a hard time thinking of fun stuff. There are a lot of things we enjoy about life, mostly just living it and learning new things every day. Surprisingly this was harder than we thought and it actually took a while to write.

Then it hit us. We need to find premium products with creative designs that can help us put a smile on our faces (even on the gloomiest day.) When it's cold and dark outside, allow these products to brighten up your day.

Our company was founded with a simple goal: to offer premium products with awesome designs at incredible prices. It is a new type of online retail shop, where we base all of our items for sale on the unique things we see throughout social media!

Boston Prima created in 2018. our company has been growing from an idea, into a satisfied brand to bring you products with incredible designs. This growth came from a devotion to innovate every day and the will to provide quality design merchandise with high-quality performance.

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Our team is a group of experienced entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds who, just like you, enjoy shopping for our favorite items online.

We were tired of e-commerce with discouraging selections and boring products. So, we set out to create a better experience for people, and to really find those items that people love to share and talk about.

Then we used our network of worldwide distributors and manufacturers to make sure we can always deliver the best items right to your doorstep.

Be all that you strive to be and more. Bring out your smile and happiness to the world.

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A man doing a printing procedure for graphic apparel


They're a 1000-person team spread out across six locations in North Carolina, California, Mexico, Spain, Canada and Latvia. With over $37 million invested in printing equipment, we use industry-leading tech to get your products looking awesome: 

  • Kornit series printers and inks for DTG apparel
  • Happy and Tajima embroidery machines for hats
  • Mimaki series printers and inks for cut & sew and sublimation products
  • Mimaki UV printers and inks for phone cases
  • Epson series printers and inks for wall art
  • SubliJET HD ink for mugs
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A man finishing printing a t-shirt

Their newest arrival is the Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro.

This printer is a game changer in the apparel printing industry since it gives superb and unparalleled DTG print results on 100% polyester.

The Kornit Poly Pro printer lets us widen their product catalog with polyester products designed specifically for sports, as well as look into recycled polyester options. This means you can explore the lucrative sports apparel niche, using made-to-order DTG products.

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All orders go through their 3-step quality check before we ship them out:

  • Their automated software checks graphics for quality before printing
  • Fulfillment specialists check quality while orders print
  • Final quality check after printing and curing

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